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Best barbiturates for voluntary euthanasia


If you harbor thoughts of killing yourself, then settle for a painless free, and peaceful method. No one wants to suffer while dying. There are numerous ways you can end your life. One of such methods is barbiturates. To find out more about these barbiturates, continue reading this post.

What is voluntary euthanasia?

This is a physician-assisted death to which a terminally ill patient gives consent. Some conure like Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg allow voluntary euthanasia. However, it is illegal in most parts of the world. Voluntary euthanasia can be passive or active.

Passive euthanasia involves withdrawing a life support machine from terminally ill persons. On the other hand, active euthanasia happens after a lethal drug like Nembutal is administered to a patient intent to end life. This type of euthanasia is done by a professional, or the patient can do it on their own.

What are barbiturates?

Barbiturates are res hypnotics whose common effects include sluggishness and nervousness.  They are synthetic drugs that reduce withdrawal reactions. It would be best if you were careful with barbiturates because of their strength. An overdose of these drugs will lead to death. They have become popular in the world of euthanasia.

Random facts about Nembutal Sodium Pentobarbital

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How do people take barbiturates?

  • Oral ingestion

Since these drugs are in the form of pills and tablets, swallowing becomes the most common method of taking barbiturates. However, the effects will take time before they kick in. Swallowing can be effective if you can void throwing up. Feel free to mix barbiturates with alcohol and take it as a drink.

  • Injections –

You can send barbiturates directly into the bloodstream via injections. This method guarantees your immediate effects of the drug. However, if you want maximum results, ensure that you are doing it the right way.

The classes of barbiturates

Classification of barbiturates pegs on the duration takes for the effects to kick in. his classification is as follows:

  • Ultra-short

These are ideal for making sedatives. An example here is thiopental.

  • Short intermediate

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  • Long-acting

The effects of these drugs last for about 8-16 hours. An example of a long-acting barbiturate is pentobarbital. They are used to treat epilepsy or peptic ulcers because they are excellent are great anticonvulsants.

Factors that determine the effectiveness of barbiturates

  • Quality of the drugs

For your suicide intentions to work, ensure that you are using quality barbiturates. Some online vendors have the propensity o sell low-quality drugs to unsuspecting clients. Be sure you have only the excellent quality of barbiturates.


  • Weight and height of the user

If you are a strong person, you are likely going to need a higher dose of barbiturates. The effectiveness of barbiturates pegs on the weight and height of the user. If you know your weight and height, then you should know beforehand the correct dosage to give you instant effects.

If you are underweight or weak, the effects will be fast.

  • Age

If you are elderly, a smaller barbiturate dosage will work for you. An energetic person will need a bigger dosage.

Examples of barbiturates that have proved to be the best

  • Nembutal

A very popular barbiturates perfect for euthanasia. The proper lethal dosage of this drug leads to a painless and peaceful death.

  • Pentobarbital

A lethal dosage of this drug also leads to a quick, quiet, and painless death.

Can you buy barbiturates for suicide online?

You can purchase barbiturates for suicide from online drug stores. If you have an internet connection, type “barbiturates for sale,” and the search results will show you many online vendors. However, not every online site that sells barbiturates is legit.

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Some websites are run by fake vendors whose intent is to rip you off. Most of these counterfeit vendors peddle fake or low-quality barbiturates that have no potency to kill you. It’s wise to do due diligence to ascertain that whoever is selling you this drug is legit. Look at their online reviews and check their period of existence on the internet. Their period of existence should tell you if their operations are legit or not

Where can you buy barbiturates?

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Final thoughts

Barbiturates are practical options for suicide if you take the correct dosage. The only problem would be the low-quality drugs flooding the online market. If you buy low-quality barbiturates, the chances of you surviving are high. To ensure you buy the right quality from a reputable vendor. This guarantees you optimal effects.